A new journey starts

After having spent the two last decades within several companies, I decided past autumn 2012 that it was time for me to start a new career at the head of my own enterprise.

For some, their destiny path was well designed. Personally, it has never been the case or at best, I followed some sketches. Since a few months, everything has changed and I have an extremely clear vision of what I want to achieve. That said, I’m not going to do everything by myself and success is built around a team of geniuses… Today, I’m at the head of this small team and I can’t hide it, I’m extremely excited at the dawn of this new journey.

By a small team, I want to say that we are only a few to start this new adventure but our ambitions are – do not doubt – huge. In a few months, our first product and service we’ll be available for a category of workers I was part of. In parallel, we’ll start other projects that, I hope, will be as exciting and in a few months, it will be time for a first appraisal.

During that period, I’ll come regularly to talk about this company with its actuality, major news from this sector and of course, I’ll bring a personal light on the new technologies around us.

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