It is all about colors and it is called myColor!

My company is proud to present a brand new social app that allow you to share your emotions thanks to colors and much more.

myColor icon

This is an old idea that grew slowly in the back of my head and last February, I decided to start this internal project with the Genius team.

Few months later, this idea crystallized thanks to a few thousands lines of code and, of course, an original and appealing interface.

myColor home screen

First available for iOS, what is this app for? Is it possible to introduce something new when the App Store is crowded with more than 1.3 million apps?

I believe there is still something original and different to do and offer as it is very hard to describe an emotion. Beside words, colors translate wonderfully emotions or feelings as they can be unique and say, in a fraction of a second, everything to your friends or relatives.

myColor contacts

Of course, not all colors mean the same to everybody and this is why we developed a palette of colors with professionals around on six main emotions: Happiness, Fear, Excitement, Anger, Love and Sadness. Commonly, this subject is called “color psychology” and we are happy to be the firsts to propose a comprehensive app to communicate around it.

Beside sharing your emotions with other people using the app, you can also access your color’s past, friend’s colors and see people that are using the app across the world thanks to the map and interact with them (if they are in your contact list).

myColor map

Finally, we did our best to keep battery usage as low as possible and services like localization will be activated only if you go into the map section.

Have a test, visit the web site and let me know what you think thanks to the Feeback buton in the Preferences.

Oh, and myColor is free! Enjoy!

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